Frequently Asked Questions

How should I wash my wipes?

Microfibre wipe – up to 40 degree wash, no fabric softener as it will affect the absorbency of the wipes, tumble dry as normal. 

Bamboo Cotton – up to 40 degree wash, tumble dry on a low setting. Use laundry bag provided.

Bamboo – up to 40 degree wash, tumble dry as normal. Use laundry bag provided.

Can these be used for teething infants?

Our wipes not intended as a teething soother as such but all our cloths are great for wiping away dribble, in particular our microfibre. It can be comforting for little ones to have something small and soft to carry around that they can use to wipe their face.

How are the microfibre wipes different to cleaning cloths?

Little Gubbins microfibre wipes are much thicker than your average cleaning cloth making them softer for little hands and faces. They have been fully tested to meet EU standards and are certified to contain no AZO dyes, so are completely safe. We have also crafted these wipes with little ones in mind so they are the perfect size and easy to handle, unlike cleaning cloths which are often much larger in size. And we can’t forget the nice colours too.

Can these wipes go in the tumble dryer?

Yes, they tumble dry nicely, but you might experience a small degree of shrinkage over time. We recommend you tumble dry the microfibre wipes in the laundry bag provided to prevent them from sticking to our garments. For the bamboo cotton wipe, we recommend you tumble on a low setting.

Why can't the microfibre wipe be used for poo?

One of the great things about microfibre is the super high thread count which not only makes it soft but also really good at trapping fibres, which is why we wouldn’t recommend these for cleaning poo. If you are using for little hands and faces we wouldn’t like to think that any dirty particles would be left in the fibres.

For wiping dirty bums we recommend our Bamboo Cotton wipe which contains natural antibacterial properties and will wash away dirty particles easily.

What are your wipes made of?

Bamboo Cotton: 70% bamboo, 30% cotton

Bamboo: 100% bamboo

Microfibre:  80% polyester and 20% polyamide

Can these be used for drying hands?

Yes absolutely! All our wipes are great for drying hands, they are smaller than a towel size at 20 x 20cm but for little hands these are great. Our microfibre wipe is the best for hand drying due to them being super absorbent, plus with 4 colours in each pack you can give each child a different colour – great for childminders.

Can you use your microfibre as make up remover wipes?

Yes absolutely. Microfibre is simply the best material for attracting and removing dirty particles which makes them perfect for removing makeup. They are super soft on your skin and don’t even require any products – just add a little bit of warm water.