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Little Gubbins Microfibre Wipes Yellow

The unique properties of microfibre make it extremely efficient at removing dirt and germs.

With such a high concentration of positively charged fibres they can remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface by trapping negatively charged dirty particles. These particles are then released in the laundry process leaving you with a perfectly clean cloth ready to use again and again.

Microfibre is also super absorbent, it can absorb 7 times its weight in water and dries fast, making it hard for bacteria to grow.

Certified AZO free our microfibre wipes contain no harsh chemicals so are perfect for sensitive skin. Made from 350gsm they are extra thick and soft and won’t cause your little ones to run away when it comes to cleaning time!

As our microfibre wipes are so effective at collecting dirty particles we do not recommend using them for cleaning poo – hands and faces only please! To find out which wipes are best for bottoms we recommend our Bamboo Cotton or 100% Bamboo products.

Perfect for: Weaning & Messy Mealtimes

Also great for: Mopping up spills, cleaning surfaces, runny noses and on the go bib