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How it all began

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Little Gubbins is an eco-friendly baby brand started by 2 mums, Rhian and Emma when they were looking for an alternative to traditional wet wipes. They knew that there had to be a better way to clean little hands and faces that wouldn’t:

  1. Irritate sensitive skin and leave little ones squirming to get away
  2. Be harmful to the planet

They spent months searching for the perfect reusable materials that would clean little ones just as well as a wet wipe but without the chemicals, waste or expense. Once they found it, they knew that they had something special to share.

After hearing from hundreds of happy mums and dads about the difference their wipes were making at home they set about developing a whole range of reusable, eco-friendly wipes suitable for hands, bums and faces that have you covered for every eventuality!

Little Gubbins good for babies the planet and for you

Since the summer of 2018 Little Gubbins has been shortlisted in the Made for Mum awards 2019 and won silver for the best baby wipe at the Mother & Baby awards 2020. As well as their own website they also launched in store and online with Amazon and JoJo Maman Bebe and have had their dream of launching a full range realised with the release of 3 new products.

In 2021 they launched their very first range of biodegradable and compostable nappy bags and began an exciting collaboration with FreshX to develop a toilet paper tissue spritz specifically for little ones.

They continue to be driven by a desire to do good for your little ones and the world we live in.

Why we are crazy about reusable

Reusable baby wipes are the softest and kindest way of caring for your baby’s skin. They can be used wet or dry and replace the need for wet wipes in any situation – saving you money and reducing the impact of wet wipes on the environment.

We believe that changing a little helps a lot towards protecting the planet for our children.

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